A little Fall of Rain

“…Can hardly hurt me now…you’re here…that’s all I need to know” ~ Les Miserables

Holy rain Batman! When I first began my photography journey, there is no way you would find me out there with my camera until I just tried it out on a light drizzly day.

You would think light would be an issue but it’s almost quite the opposite. The clouds act as a natural diffuser thus emitting softer lighter leading to more even light all around.. Whew that was a mouthful but do you see where I’m going?

Take a look at some of the Pros and Cons to shooting in light rain. 



  • Beautiful even light from the naturally diffused light
  • Some clients have sensitive eyes, so the soft light helps
  • Sidewalks and streets have a wonderful sheen to them
  • Cool weather
  • Hardly anyone around resulting in less post processing work 
  • The rain brings out the bold pops of colors in nature
  • Less glare in glasses


  • Too much rain on your gear could cause damage (cover your gear or use an umbrella)
  • Hair may get wet so take your best shots in the beginning
  • Sitting on surfaces may be too wet (bring a towel)
  • May be a lil cool so bring a jacket

The benefits definitely outweigh the cons, but make sure you have an umbrella. Besides, it makes a great prop. So when you find that your shoot lands on a drizzly day, don’t say no..say YES Please!

Here are shots from my super fun shoot today with Genevieve in the lovely grounds of Lincoln Park in Chicago! And if you love these branding shots as much as I do, Come book your session with me today! www.annacillan.com

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