Who knew they had such big aspirations? Just like us, plants thrive when given the opportunity to reach their full potential – and what better way than planting it into a bigger pot.

July 2019 marked a turning point in Anna Cillan’s life, as she opened her Photography business full-time and ran it out of the cozy confines of her condo! With an unwavering passion to pursue photography professionally, Anna took this time to cultivate a powerful portfolio that has set herself up for success. Even with all these new endeavors under way – she kept hustling – growing connections, marketing heavily and still interviewing for corporate jobs on the side! Planting those creative seeds early really paid off because now there is no stopping Anna from fully flourishing into who she was meant to be.

In early 2020, Covid took the US by surprise. Chicago was one of its first hits and people rushed to stock up on paper products – a lesson learned from moms everywhere: ‘You can never have enough!’ This meant long lines at stores like Costco where shoppers stood six feet apart while employees disinfected carts and placed limits on what each person could buy. What resulted? A competition for coveted items like Clorox wipes, toilet paper rolls and paper towels! Wait, these are staples on my Mom’s standard grocery list since the beginning of time. Long story short, Covid Hit, I maybe had 10 headshots in my In Home studio space to close out the year, but I had supplies! Yeah, more space was not top of mind.

After a year of regrowth and steady clientele, I was determined to find the perfect studio space. It had to have free parking, elevator or first floor access, room for hair and makeup, shoot space enough for my wildest visions – plus comfortable seating areas with easy bathroom access. My unicorn! After months of searching it seemed too good to be true when just one day before flying home for holidays I stumbled upon an amazing 1500 sf loft that not only fit all my criteria but blew them out of the water! Unbelievable…but somehow here we are today in this spacious industrial dreamland full of creative potential already manifesting itself every time someone enters through our doors 🙂 

Click here to RSVP to the Open House!

Creativity is a powerful force, and if you give it the right environment to thrive in- there are no limits what can be accomplished! I invite everyone out on February 18th from 1pm – 4pm to come check out my new studio space near United Center in Chicago. Share some laughs over some wine and watch our live studio demos. As an extra bonus for attending, special gifts await you. Parking won’t cost ya anything because street spots are free all day! RSVPs are encouraged.

Moving to a “bigger pot” has been a journey but I couldn’t be happier. I love what I do and how it makes people feel after working with me. 

You Are Art. Live it. Love it. Own it. 


Anna Cillan Studios

2256 W. Walnut Suite 1, Chicago, IL 60612

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