Before you learn about the Best,  Most Active, Most Published, Most Fun Senior Model Program ANYWHERE, read what some senior model moms are saying.   This is from Chris Cannon, Her daughter Sydney is from Gahanna.

Our Senior Model experience with ATC Photography has been everything he promised and more.  Being a senior model for David is not just about getting pictures taken it is so much more.   My daughter has met and become friends with a number of talented and sweet young ladies from all around the area.  She has had the humbling experience of serving those less fortunate at Faith Mission.  We have been excited to see her photos published in national publications and getting special recognition. She has learned to work in front of the camera for David and others at his workshops, and even earned a little bit doing so. She was involved in his promotional magazine and video   As we expected, we have come away with many amazing, unique pictures. We had no idea these would range from a peacock shoot, to waterfalls, to stage doors and prom pictures with friends. It has been great fun.   However, the single most important thing this experience has given us, is her self confidence.  She always saw herself as less pretty than the next girl, and rarely went out of the house without makeup.   Through this experience, she has been able to see herself as the beautiful young woman she is, and she no longer feels the need to hide behind her makeup.   She has learned to love herself and feel confident in her own skin, and this is a true blessing. Thank you David, for an experience we will never forget.

This is from Lexie Sines, Her daughter Rylie is from Grove City High School.

My daughter got the  privilege of participating in the senior model program at DBP.  I can’t say enough about the entire experience. She has had so much fun! David has a special way of relating with his clients and bringing out their individual style and personality. Not only is he one of the best photographers out there, he is very genuine. He gives models the opportunity to give back and volunteer their time serving the homeless, and others in the community. I would recommend David to anyone! 

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OK So About the program.

The Senior Model program is for energetic and out-going senior girls, of the 2019 and 2020 classes.  Being a Senior Model at ATC Photography isn’t just about trying to sell senior packages to your friends. You will get a great Senior Portrait Experience and you will belong to a exclusive group of other Senior Models that will get plenty of opportunities be photographed, serve the community, earn NHS hours, be used in promotional ads and maybe even get paid to help with other photo projects.  You can do as little or as much as you like.  Some seniors just like to get a great deal on the best packages and that is alright too!  You will have lots of photos to choose from in your final package as your portfolio grows each time you get involved with the extra shooting opportunities.  #DBPSeniorModelsDoMore

There are numerous service projects throughout the year. We serve the homeless at least 12 times a year at Faith Mission of Columbus.  We do fundraising activities so that we can purchase, prepare and serve dinner and Faith on 8th, or the Community Kitchen.  Some days we feed as many as 275 men women and children.  The money is raised thru events at my Studio like Halloween at the Village and Christmas.  We will also hold the annual Spring Prom Fashion Show Benefiting Faith Mission.  Last year we raised $8,800 which gave us enough to serve at the big kitchen more and purchase some things that they needed too!

If Accepted Your time as a Senior Model will start as soon as I receive your signed contract and $300 deposit toward your Senior Portrait Package.  We will do your first two outfit shoot with you soon after signing.  After committing to being a David Beckham Senior Model also means that anytime I need senior models for promo shoots, creative shoots, social activities or service projects, you will get the opportunity to join in the fun! Each time we do a group shoot you will get individual photos taken as well that will be added to your portfolio.  I send out group text messages to let you know what is happening. #DBPSeniorModelsDoMore

SPACES ARE LIMITED AS I ONLY HAVE 30 SENIOR MODELS PER GRADUATING YEAR.  I also limit the number per school.  If you do submit an application and you aren’t selected because I have passed that number in your school you will receive $100 off any Senior Portrait Package when you schedule your senior portraits.

There will be two Senior Model Experiences; The Splurge Model ($1399 with $700 print credit) and Princess Model ($1899 with $900 print credit). These packages include many extras. a 20% discount off of any item ordered and a 15% discount off of any of the the Collections. Plus you get a thumb drive of images released for printing up to 5×7 AND you get a chance to earn print credit!! Don’t forget your initial $300 deposit goes toward the package you choose!

Other Opportunities: You are invited to stop by before for photos for Prom or Homecoming until you graduate! These photos will be put into your portfolio and be part of your Senior Slideshows. From time to time I will need Senior Models to represent me at events I host, community projects, instructional classes and additional events.  I will use Senior Models for these events and in some cases you will be paid depending on what we are doing that day. You will receive special phone AP that automatically updates with every new shoot.  This App can be shared with any family members and the photos on it can be used for social media!   This App normally costs $199 but it is Free when you sign up to be a Senior Model.  There is one photo that serves as a personalized discount that you can share too.  If I get two of them back during your time as a Senior Model you will get another two outfit session during your Senior Year or get a FREE 16×24 ($349 value)!

So Fill out the application and lets get together and discuss the details even more!

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