With the global pandemic at our forefront we are presented with even more of a challenge to meet in person. This is where remote working is our new normal and gone are the days of the physical handshakes. Enter Headshots! Similar to the handshake, a firm grip equates to strength and confidence while a feeble one lends itself otherwise.  Make sure your headshot speaks for itself and stands firm out above the rest! 

Maybe you don't need a headshot now, but later?

It's never too early to have a headshot ready to go but, I think we can all agree that it can be too late if you're searching for one last minute and when rushed, the personal brand you were looking to accomplish is not met.  This is where I enter the picture..no pun intended. 

Polished Headshots that capture the
most authentic version of you

Have a larger group of 5+ for Headshots?

Perhaps you are hosting a conference or a summit meeting for your organization and are offering Headshots as a special perk?

Look no further!

Contact me for a custom quote

Headshots for Strong, Confident Leaders!


I help passionate entrepreneurs feel more confident on camera and propel their brand through my personal brand editorial style photoshoot experience. Let's tell your story!

Perfect Branding images for:

                • Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs

                • Life Coaching

                • Wellness and Fitness

                • Artists

                • Real Estate Brokers / Teams

                • Restaurants / Chefs

                • Models / Actors

                • Public Speakers

                • Dating Profiles

                • and list goes on

Personal Branding Benefits

We offer Half or Full Day Branding Sessions

I’m a Chicago based Headshot
and Portrait Photographer 

originally from the Pacific NW starting my professional career in computer programming moving into Testing financial software and capping off my IT career with Project Management for software implementations.  It wasn’t until a major layoff back in 2016 that jump started my journey back into the world of photography and so happy I did!  I specialize in High-End Corporate and Acting Headshots most notably used for LinkedIn and performer portfolios for Musical Theater, Acting, Modeling, and Dance.

I’ve had the privilege to train 

under the direction of world-renowned educators Scott Robert Lim, JB Sallee and am a verified member of world-class Headshot Educator Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew. I’ve been published in the April 2019 edition of Shutter Magazine, one of the leading professional photography Magazines to date!


and don’t you forget it.  I would love for the opportunity to direct and capture you being the most authentic version of you.  I know the lights and camera gear can be intimidating, but never fear, it’s just me, a friend that may make you share in a few belly laughs throughout your session.

Oh did I say that I can sing too?  How well you ask?  That’s for me to know and you to find out.

If you've gotten this far, that means it is time for you to pull the trigger and book your Headshot or Branding Session

You'll notice once you have this headshot, you'll want to use it everywhere. Book today!

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