Individual Headshot Pricing and Availability

 Session Fee – $350

Cost Per Image – $250

You are in the drivers seat and get to decide the number of images you love.  Each of the images will be professionally retouched and will be provided in High resolution JPG and Social Media sizes. Last but not least, you’ll have full commercial usage license.

*Hair and Makeup artists available for an additional charge.  Please request upon booking to confirm availability.

*Same Day headshot retouch +$75 per image

Save time and book directly online.  Your requested date and time will be reviewed and confirmed within 24 hours.

Headshot Tips

I tend to gravitate towards neutral earthy tones and solids.  Grays, blues, greens are spectacular!  Of course bring colors that you feel you’re best in because if you feel good, you’ll look great.   Regarding the type of outfits, err on the side of bringing more options rather than less.  If you’re an actor, talk to your agent if they are expecting a certain look, but bring a variety of options to the shoot.  Think casual, dressy and some “in between” looks. 

Please stay away from stripes or heavy/chunky patterns.  This tends to take away from your face…which is the main focus of the headshot right?

Short answer.  Jewelry isn’t necessary.  Remember we are taking a headshot and large jewelry will detract from your beautiful face.  Just don’t do it or if you do, stud earrings are just fine.  Every now and then a necklace will sneak in to some of my client’s headshots but it’s not likely so keep your valuable jewelry tucked away in your jewelry box at home.

Hair is essential.  That said, we are taking a headshot and this is not time for hair that has a mind of its own (unless that’s the look you’re going for). I ask that everyone come with their hair done as if they were presenting to a high profile business meeting or to a casting director for an audition. We want your headshot to match the way you look in person and on a regular basis.  There are several salons that I can recommend to you to get your hair to its finest.

Typically for males this is not necessary.  I do have Kleenex and facial blotters to help with shine.  For females, this could be a good option for you.  I prefer my clients makeup to be more on the natural side with great lashes and a pop of color on the lips.  However, hiring a makeup artist will give you that extra polished natural look.  I have a few amazing Makeup Artists that I love that we can coordinate for your shoot.

Absolutely nothing.  This is about you and you already know who you are so just relax and make sure to rest up the day before your shoot.  We’ll have a fun time listening to some tunes for inspiration and just flow with the session.  I’ll help direct you so you’re not only with a photographer but a friend.  So relax, keep that chin forward and have fun!

I prefer to shoot horizontally because that is how humans see the world. In addition, a horizontal frame allows for space, so that your headshot doesn’t appear constricted or confined between the narrow walls of a vertical crop. Plus, it’s a more contemporary and widely accepted format.

When this happens it’s intentional.  I’m focusing in on your expression and in most cases, zooming into your expression means cropping the top of your head off.  Try it in a few of your own photos and see what the kind of crop does.  It’s amazing and wow seeing an amazing expression makes me forget about the top of the head being gone.

Oh yeah baby you can and you will!  I start the session checking the angle of the lights to best capture your features and then once we both get into the groove of the shoot, I’ll cast my laptop to the Big TV screen.  Its soo cool and I LOVE seeing you all enjoy your multiple facial expressions in your shots.  You’d be surprised what faces I’ve seen…nothing but joy!

After your shoot, you will select the photos you’d like to purchase at the per image rate.  The filenames and screenshot of the photos will be emailed to you so that it is clear what photos will be delivered after retouching efforts are complete.

Approximately 10 business days after your session, I will have your image(s) polished up and retouched and uploaded to a gallery on  This will be a password protected gallery sent directly to your email on file.   At this time, you will have the opportunity to review the image(s). Upon your approval of the work, I will enable the download feature on the gallery and you may save the image(s) to your computer.

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