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Senior sessions with high energy, epic scouted locations, chic vibes and cool moods. These sessions will literally give you that Model for a Day experience you’ve been dreaming of or just some really amazing shots that you never knew were possible. Inquire today!

Choose the perfect session

The Custom SENIOR PORTRAIT – All sessions include a desktop print of each of your selected images either on mounted on styrene or matted. Final Digitals of selected images available to you within 48 hours! Sessions starting at $1890+

The Classic Senior

This one is for Mom or Dad!  Get in quick and get out but you’re still going to rock your look! Outdoor location near ACP Studios located in Downtown Chicago. 

The Couture Senior

This is the most versatile option providing in studio and outdoors in downtown Chicago.  

The Dream Collection

The Dream Package is an all out no holds bar session perfect for those who love creating art. This is an entire days event where you are going to some of the most sought after places in Chicago. The number of locations is up to you! Here’s what is included: 

Want additional Images throughout your Senior Year?

Ask about the ACP Ambassador Team.

This is a bonus program on top of your Custom Senior Session. This is where you would be a part of a team of fellow Juniors and Seniors throughout the Chicagoland area up to 4 times throughout the year where we go on location throughout the Chicagoland area and shoot some amazing, creative photos. You can expect fun and funky themed shoots to prom and graduation shots.  And who can’t turn down some dope shots in and around downtown Chicago for either print or social media?  As you refer new friends to the team and they become an ACP Team Ambassador, you’ll receive additional credits towards image selections or print products.

When you sign up for your custom senior session, inquire about applying to be a part of the ambassador team.

Do I Get all the Files?

Your upfront session fee to book does not include any digital files.  Each collection includes a set amount of portraits with option to purchase additionals at a special bundled price.

Don't delay...let's get your Senior Session in the books!

Here’s what you can expect with the ACP Senior Experience!

Upon booking, your session fee of $1000 is due and we’ll schedule a 30-40 minute zoom planning session as soon as we can. In parallel, I will send over a senior questionnaire for your senior to fill out and send back no later than 2 days prior to the planning session. This is what we will review on our call.

On the day of the shoot, you’ll arrive with your wardrobe. If you have chosen the Couture or the Dream sessions, we will start you off with hair and makeup which will take approximately 2 hours. Otherwise we will get right to our first location.

This session is about you so we will continue to shoot at each location until your session is up or that we see we have captured that epic set of shots.

On set you’ll have water bottles available to keep you refreshed. You’ll find that modeling can be work so we’ll want to keep you hydrated. Don’t worry this will be fun!

After we feel we’ve gotten the killer shots, we will go back and review and select the designated amount of images up for edits to be reviewed in your ordering session. Choosing the “contender” set of images is important so that when you return for your ordering session, you’ll be able to visualize which images you’d like to have on your walls verses a smaller print or even kept in digital format to share with friends/family. Before you leave, we will schedule an hour in person ordering session and you will be emailed a link to your “contender set of images” which will be watermarked proofs. 

At your ordering session, we will review the final edits and begin ordering from the full line of Luxury Wall Art which start at $620+. Order whatever you like as much as you like.  It’s that easy!

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